17. Your goal is to save at least $360.00 over the next 6 weeks. How much money must you save each week in order to meet that goal? write and solve the inequality A. 6+x>_360; x>_354B. 60x>_360; >_10C. x/6>_360; >_2160D. 6x>_360; x>_60

Accepted Solution

Answer D. 6x>_360; x>_60ExplanationLet [tex]x[/tex] be amount you will save each weeks Since we know that you are saving over a period of 6 weeks, you will save [tex]6x[/tex].We also now that your goal is to save at least $360.00 over the period of 6 weeks, so saving more than $360.00 will be very desirable, but the goal is to save $360.00. We can rephrase this as: You need to save $360.00 or more; we can say the same using the inequality symbol [tex]\geq[/tex] (greater on equal than)Now we can combine our tow parts using the inequality symbol: [tex]6x\geq 360[/tex]To simplify divide both sides by 6:[tex]\frac{6}{6} x\geq \frac{360}{6}[/tex][tex]x\geq 60[/tex]You need to save at least $60 per week, so the correct answer is D. 6x>_360; x>_60