Hamburger buns come in packages of 8. Hamburger patties come in packages of 10.Neil would like to buy the smallest number of hamburger buns and hamburger patties so that he will have exactly one hamburger patty per bun.A. To figure out how many packs of buns and patties to buy, would you use GCF or LCM?B. Explain why you chose the answer you did for Part A (in other words, how did you decide?)Stating "I just know" is not an explanation. Give mathematical support for the answer you give.C. How many packages of hamburger buns and hamburger patties must he buy? (label which number is for buns and which number is for patties)

Accepted Solution

Answers/Step-by-step explanation:A. LCMB. Greatest Common Factor(GCF) shows the largest whole number, in this case patties and buns, would be a part of the whole that matches both numbers. Neil is unable to buy parts of packages because that not how most stores do business. Least common multiple(LCM) is the number that is both closest in value to the original number while being equal for all numbers. in that case, Neil is buying whole packages so it would work.C. Neil would buy 4 packages of hamburger patties and 5 packages of hamburger buns. He could make 20 burgers.