Jason and Shawn both begin riding their bikes from different points away from the ranger station. They both ride their bikes in the direction away from the station along the same trail.Jason starts biking 1 mile away from the station. Jason rides at a constant speed of 20 miles per hour.Shawn starts biking 2 miles away from the station. Shawn rides at the same constant speed as Jason.Let y represent the total miles away from the station.At how many hours, x, will it take Shawn to catch up with Jason?Based on the information provided, complete each expression below and determine the number of solutions.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The answer to the question isShawn has to wait for Β 3 minutes for Jason to meet him at 2 miles away from the stationStep-by-step explanation:To solve the question, we note the variablesBike speed = 20 mphStart point of Jason = 1 mile away from the stationStarting point of Shawn = 2 mile away from the stationTotal miles away from station = yDirection of biking = away from the stationTherefore if they both start biking at the same time, Shawn is ahead of JasonRiding speed of Shawn = Riding speed of Jason = 20 mphThat is Shawn has to wait for 1/20 hr or 3 minutes for Jason to meet him at 2 miles away from the station