Shawn drew a rectangle that was 2 units wide and 6 units long. Draw a different rectangle that has the same perimeter area.

Accepted Solution

Answer:A square that has sides of 4.5 units, or a rectangle that is 1 unit wide and 8 units long. Step-by-step explanation:First, you need to find the perimeter in the first place. Since there are two sides of the same number, you would double each number.2 would become 4 6 would become 12 Add 4+12=18So, our rectangle has to have a perimeter of 18 units. Because a square is a rectangle, you can divide 18 and 4, since a square has 4 sides. You get 4.5. Each side can be 4.5 units.Or, you can have a rectangle. What I thought first was a length of 9, but I knew that wouldn't work. I drew a rectangle and tried 8. If I put it on the top and bottom, which you need to to find the perimeter, it was only 16. Then I knew I could use 1 as a side length. If you added the sides, it would equal 2, and when you add 16 and 2, it's 18. So, you can use a rectangle that has a length of 8 units and a width of 1 unit.