yo whats up. please help me. this is worth 17 points because if I don't finish this i'll get grounded.1. after a holiday dinner, there are 3 1/3 apple pies left and 2 5/6 pumpkin pies left. a. how much more apple pie than pumpkin pie is left?b. tom ate 1/2 of the leftovers. how much pie in all did he eat?2. An angelfish was 1 1/2 inches long when it was brought. Now it is 2 1/3 inches long. a. How much has the angelfish grown?b. An inch is 1/12 of a foot. How much has the angelfish grown in feet?3. there was a 6 square foot piece of wrapping paper for a birthday present it takes 3/ 38 square feet of the paper to wrap the present. how many pieces of 6 square foot paper are needed to wrap 3 of these presents?4. Today, a bicycle rider rode her bike 5 1/2 miles. Yesterday, she rode 6/14 miles. the difference in length between the two rides is what fraction of the longer ride?5. A survey by the state health department found that the average person ate 208 pounds of vegetables last year and 125 5/8 pounds of fruit. What fraction of the total pounds of fruit and vegtables do the pounds of fruit represent?all answers are appreciated, I don't want to be grounded. Please.

Accepted Solution

2.Okay so like last time we'll start with converting them to improper fractions1 1/2 = 3/22 1/3 = 7/3Okay so the denominators are differentSo what is the lowest multiple that 3 and 2 have in common?It's 6!So, we'll rewrite them.2 x 3 = 6 so multiply the numerator by 3 also.3 x 2 = 6, so multiply 7 by 2 as well. (Whatever is done to the denominator MUST be done to the numerator!)So we have:9/6 & 14/6.we can clearly see by looking at the numerator that 14/6 is bigger. So subtract 9/6 from 14/6.14 - 9 = 55/6So, The angelfish has grown 5/6 more inches.